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Josef Lídl  Brno


1892 Josef Lidl starts an eponymous company in Brno, initially with the sole purpose of selling musical instruments.


1895 The company begins manufacturing brass musical instruments, labeled Josef Lidl Brno.


1904 The importance of the instruments’ manufacturing gradually outweighs their potential for profit. Consequently, Josef Lidl decides to open the first factory dedicated to musical instruments in Moravia (in AJ: region in the Czech Republic).


1908 Josef Lidl Brno instruments are used by leading bands at the time (Court Band of Austro-Hungarian Army, Band of Tsarist Russian Army)


1926 Vaclav, the family heir, is put in charge of the family’s business. Instruments branded Josef Lidl Brno are known as reputable and distinguished instruments not only in the Czechoslovak Republic but also in all other European countries.


1933 Josef Lidl Brno-brand instruments are awarded the “Golden Diploma” at the Chicago World’s Fair.











1948 In the years after WWII, manufacturing declines and private factories are nationalized by the socialist government. Josef Lidl Brno is able to maintain manufacturing, stay in business and even start development of new designs.


1966 Josef Lidl Brno wins the gold medal at the Brno Consumer Expo for its Model Akustik (the predecessor of today’s LHR 342 Arion).


19XX Josef Lidl Brno French horns are used by leading Czech orchestras (the Czech Philharmonic, National Theatre Brno and others).


1989 After the Velvet Revolution and the fall of the socialistic block, the company is returned to its original owners.

1992 At the 100th anniversary of Josef Lidl Brno, Josef Lidl s.r.o. company is born.


1997 With the boom of Czech brass-band music abroad, the demand for brass instruments’ traditional sound increases. This demand is best satisfied with Josef Lidl Brno instruments.


2011 Today, Josef Lidl Brno manufacturing offers musical instruments made by time-tested methods of superior craftsmanship. In this way, it continues traditions established through more than 100 years of development and manufacturing experience.




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